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Our program delivers an innovative and diverse range of new underground art bysome of today's most prolific young artists. Leonard Street Gallery is the primary source of original artwork byartists Matt Small, Judith Supine and Beejoir, also dealing in works by artistsincluding Swoon, Bast, Eine, Elbow-toe and others.

Leonard Street Gallery is open to the public daily from Monday to Friday, 11:00 am until 18:00 pm and on Saturdays from 11:00 until 15:00. Admission is free of charge.

Our website now has an online purchasing facility. To view the selection of works available to purchase online, please select 'store' from the above menu.

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  • Exhibition


    New works by Beejoir, also featuring fellow Souled Out Studios artists Mau-Mau, Cyclops and Kate Westerholt

    29 FEB 2008 - 22 MAR 2008

  • Exhibition


    New Works and Installation by New York artist BAST, also featuring works by Judith Supine in The Project Room

    25 JAN 2008 - 16 FEB 2008

  • Exhibition

    Permission to Paint

    New Works and Installation by Herakut, featuring a collaboration and new works by Luc Price

    14 DEC 2007 - 11 JAN 2008

  • By August or September, we'll be having a special exhibit on artworks inspired by everyday technologies and gadgets. This exhibit was suggested by one of our frequent visitors who owns a site that introduces the best power washers. The exhibit will be unique and eye opening, so watch out for more details soon!